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Williamsburg City School - (Non-Traditional Instruction Plan)

What is a Non-Traditional Instructional Day (NTI Day)?

Williamsburg Independent Schools has been selected to participate in a Non-Traditional Day Waiver. This means that Williamsburg City Schools will be allowed to deliver content to students in a digital OR hard copy format for student use during the closing of schools due to unforeseen circumstances (snow, flu,etc). Students will be counted in attendance that day provided they complete work given to them by their teachers. All work will be counted as a classroom grade. Information will be provided to students. The plan is to reduce ineffective make-up days at the end of the school year and to provide a continuum of instruction in a timely manner.


Digital or hard copy content will be available for students on Non-Traditional Instructional (NTI Days) Days. Three days of school work will be provided at one time in the event multiple days are missed. Hard copies will also be available to print in the links provided below


The plan will be instituted as needed throughout the school year.


Instructions for accessing digital content will be provided throughout the school year. Hard copy

material will be sent home periodically during the year in order to keep assignments current.


A One-Call message will be sent out to all students, parents, and staff announcing Non-Traditional Days.


Students will be required to complete all tasks assigned during a non-instructional day.

Contact your child's school for further information.


Click on your Teachers name to access the packets.  Middle School / High School work is by individual teacher for each course, and elementary is by child's homeroom teacher.  All work within each elementary grade is the same.  For example, regardless of who your child's teacher is in a particular grade level, the work packets for each day should be the same.  Again,  MS/HS will be unqiue for each teacher and course.

Elementary School NTI Packets:

Speech - Language Pathologist

Mindy Taylor



Suzanne Baker

Penny Doan

Brooke Mack



Amber Adams

Jessica Powers

Maggie White


1st Grade

Randy Crider

Jennifer Chumley

Holly Henderlight


2nd Grade

Angela Crider

Leah Harrison


3rd Grade

Misty Croley

Sherry Reed 

Della Shelton


4th Grade  

Ashley Lawson

Josh Patrick

Theresa Woods 


5th / 6th Grade

Bryan Berta

Erin Clouse

Christina Huddleston

Stacie Lawless

Stephanie Pettit

Tammy Thompson


Middle School NTI Packets:


7th & 8th Grade

Christina Cook

Karen Fields

Diana Hall 

John Harris 

Mike Maxey

Tor Peterson

Stephanie Pollitt

Zach Shannon

Jenniefer Siler

John Steely

Alex Stone


High School NTI Packets:

Beth Callahan

Paula Connell

Michael Dow

Andrea Ellis

Karen Fields

Corey Fleenor (APEX)

Bernie Harrington

John Harris

Jacob Jeffers

Todd Mattingly

Mike Maxey

Bradley Miller 

John Mountjoy

Stephanie Pollitt

Zachary Shannon

John Steely 

Kristy Stewart

Alex Stone