Bridges - Cumberland River Comprehensive Care Center

Kristy Creekmore PH: 539-0464
Jessica Hoskins PH: 539-0464
Michelle Breedlove PH: 539-0464


Our goal is to strengthen and build support for our students to realize their potential.

What We Do

A team will be based at Williamsburg Independent School to provide full time services to students, family and faculty.

This team will provide the following:

•Coordination of supports and services

•Intervention and counseling

•Link family and faculty to resources

•Training and workshops for parents and faculty

•Development of strengths based student support team

Who We Are

Denise Marlett, Assistant Children Services Director, After School and Summer Program Coordinator

Kristy Creekmore, Child and Family Interventionist (CFI)

Jessica Florence, Child and Family Interventionist (CFI)

Michelle Breedlove, KY IMPACT Service Coordinator

Child and Family Interventionist: Provides on-site individual and group counseling, offers in home therapy, provides classroom intervention, and assists students in adjusting to various schools settings.

KY IMPACT Service Coordinator: Works with families and students to identify and set up services that will best support the student in the school, home and community for empowerment of the student and parent.


Additional Services Provided

•After School Program

•Summer Program

•Classroom Observations

•Access to Turning Point: Children's Crisis Stabilization Unit

•Access to Children's Mobile Crisis Team

How It Works

•Referrals are made to the Bridges Office

•Referrals are reviewed by the Bridges staff who will determine acceptance into the program

•Bridges Staff makes contact with family and begins serving their needs, if the family accepts the services.