Superintendent's Message


Welcome to the Williamsburg Independent School District Webpage.  We are glad you have chosen to visit us and learn more about our school district.  Our school district began its mission of educating children in Williamsburg in 1909. The students who first walked through our doors were interested in learning, and over the years, our students have graduated from Williamsburg and gone on to accomplish great things both locally and abroad.  We are very proud of our history and are dedicated to continuing this tradition of education as we prepare for our students' future.

Education at Williamsburg is based around four commitments.  These commitments are school safety, transition readiness, personalized learning, and on-time support.  The movement in our school is driven by these four commitments.  I want you to send your student(s) to school daily with the confidence that he or she will be safe and have an opportunity to learn.  I want your student(s) to be transition ready at every grade level.  I want your student to be prepared for the next grade level and experience daily success.  I want your student(s) to get the support he or she needs in each class, and furthermore, I want your student(s) to have the ability to get an education that will allow him or her to be successful in whatever they choose. 

The Williamsburg Independent School District is embedded in the community, and we appreciate the partnerships that have been created.  We are excited to work with City Government and City Municipals to create a small community that teaches values that are expected to become a good citizen.  We have a partnership with the University of the Cumberlands, as well as the Local Area Technology Center, to prepare our students to be transition ready.  GEAR Up Soar has partnered with our school to create opportunities for our elementary and middle school students.  These partnerships open doors for students to have opportunities to explore and create.  Save the Children has also partnered with our district to improve literacy, while Elgin has partnered with us to improve math concepts.  Dayspring Health Clinic joined our district and offers health and dental care for students and staff.  This impressive comprehensive approach allows wrap around services for those who take advantage of these amazing opportunities. 

"Excellence is a way of life" is the motto you see when you enter our building. We hope that as you get to know us, we will live up to the tradition of being a Jacket.