Save the Children

Save the Children

Save the Children is pleased to offer an in-school literacy program as well as after-school for students at Williamsburg Independent. This program is managed by Caylin Vanover (Coordinator) and Tutor (Rachael Hash). We work to provide a variety of fun literacy activities to promote student reading, comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary.

Students identified by our STAR and SEL test will be pulled for a 30 minute group in the Save the Children classroom. This program is not an intervention program, rather a supplemental program developed to enhance literacy instruction. We offer two programs: one for Kindergarten and 1st grade called "Emergent Reader" and one for 2nd-5th grade called Developing Reader. 

Emergent Reader is a program where students (K & 1) will practice Phonemic Awareness, Letter Recognition, Sounds and Sight Words through activities and games. 

Developing Reader or GIRP stands for Guided Independent Reading Practice, a time where students (grades 2-5) will practice reading using the Accelerated Reading program. RAvFL (Read-Aloud, Vocabulary and Fluency), will be a portion where students will practice reading comprehension, interact with the story through activities and practice becoming a confident reader! This portion of GIRP takes place once a month. 

For more information about the Save the Children Program, please contact Mrs. Vanover by phone 606-549-6044 ext 1168 or by email